a tiny ball of fur changed my life
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How a tiny ball of fur changed my life?

June 2, 2021
How a tiny ball of fur changed my life

I often wonder how for-granted and lightly we take things in our life. Its only after the  moment passes do we truly realize its worth. Hi! I am Shivangi and my story starts in the  winter of 2016.  

You know how you every so often ask your parents for a pet? For the lucky ones among you,  your wish is fulfilled and you do get one. Well, I can’t say that happened with me. Not that  I’d stopped asking, but I guess my parents just got so used to it, they didn’t bother to reply  after a point. My mother used to work at a school as a teacher.

In the kindergarten section,  the school had got a couple of tiny baby rabbits for the kids to play with. After a few days,  we, very unfortunately, got the news that the rabbits were not keeping well and some of  them had even died. That’s when my mother decided to get one of the healthy rabbits  home, so we could take care of it till it got a new place to live.  

How a tiny ball of fur changed my life

Enter: Snowy. Now, it wouldn’t suffice to say that I was just excited to have her, I was overwhelmed! For a 15-year-old girl, getting to see that tiny, white ball of fur with small  black beady eyes jump around even for a couple of days was sure a piece of thrill. As things  soon turned out to be, we couldn’t find a suitable home for Snowy (not to mention, I didn’t  play any role in the process), so she was to stay with us! 

Snowy was so small, one could keep her in the small of the palm. Once she gained our trust,  she herself used to sleep beside us on the bed, eat from our hands and come to us on her  own (for food, mostly, obviously). My brother and I instantly fell in love with her. She was  our happy place. Got a scolding? Go play with her. Woke up grumpy in the morning? She’s  already there on your bed! Returned from school? Well, she was waiting for you, too.

The joy of loving that creature and being loved back was inexplicable. It’s difficult to understand  the delight of the moment when she used to keep her tiny paw in my hand. It’s difficult to  understand the complexity of emotions that surrounded me when she looked at me. Its  difficult to comprehend how your life can just change so suddenly, without your knowing,  but as life is, it’s also beautiful. It is miraculous. It is so many things in one, yet also  indescribable. 

How a tiny ball of fur changed my life

Cut to one year later when Snowy started falling ill. Not that she’d lost her appetite, but her  body had started releasing secretions, which, as we were informed later, was resultant of  her not mating. What we’d feared was happening before my very eyes. Snowy lost her  appetite after a couple of months. Regretfully, we first cast it off as a mild issue. One day..  two days… she didn’t eat anything.

That’s when our concern grew and we took her to the  vet. Our anxiety was relieved a little when he said that she would just require a small  operation, which got scheduled for the next day. I was alone at home the next day, just  praying that my mom would come fast and the pain for all of us would end. 

That’s when I heard a loud, heart-wrenching screech coming from her. She cried! She cried  for the first time in her life. And there was nothing I could do. My heart skipped a beat. My  whole body started shaking. My world started spinning. NO! I would not let this happen.  

When you know you are going to lose someone you love, you bribe God with everything in  your power to have them with you just for a little while longer. Snowy came into my life  incidentally, but made a tremendous impact. So no, I never want to go through the pain I  felt the day I lost her. No, I don’t want to imagine how wretched I was.

But yes, she plays a  part in making me who I am today. She made me considerate and compassionate. She made  me realize what “losing” meant. My advice? Embrace and enjoy the small, tiny moments in  your life. Make the people you love happy. Spend time with them. You never know when  those times can disappear suddenly. 

Written by : Shivangi Bose

Hey everyone, this is Shivangi Bose. I hope you like it. I thank That Amusing Girl for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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  1. This was so touching and relatable. It’s so true, until you have loved an animal, a part of your soul remains unawakened.

  2. Very well written..beautifully expressed emotions..the message..so relevant in today’s world !👍❤

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