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I am – A poem by Shabdika Data

March 31, 2021
I am – A poem by Shabdika Data

I am a girl living in this orthodox society, which portrays a female weak and a male as mighty. 

But I want to prove all of you wrong ,

And see for how much time will you stand up to my wrath and for how long.

I want to fight for my rights I say,

But they mockingly said “will you be able to do it with all your might before like a cloth you fray away.

They told me that I am a woman,

And a woman is as still and calm as an ocean.

They taught me that my thought and fury should be concealed, 

Just like I hide my pain when you crush my soul under your heel.

I am

you want me to grace a smile at my wounds which were never cured,

Told me to bury my pain and screams inside which I guess were only meant to be endured.

You think that I just want to  dress up and look like a doll,

And need you to rescue me each and every time I fall. 

Am I just meant to bow in front of you and kneel,

And keep it behind the curtains so the truth is never revealed.

From my cloths to my speech,

From my aspirations to my feelings,

All my emotions are controlled by you,

Am I just an actress who is sitting in front of a camera lens directed by you.  

Yet , 

They want me to be kind and accept you with all your flaws, 

But dearest remember that even the cutest of crab still has its’ own claws.

You say that I am an ocean without the slightest motion,

True because my rageful waves will drown your ego with it’s single ride looking as beautiful as dancing Sun rays on a silent ocean.

How big of a fool are you to trifle a rose without thinking ,

I pity  that you foolishly forget that she is a strong force of nature and the reason of your existence.

I have served my purpose to prove your attempts to understand a woman wrong,

You all yet again fail,

Because your vainful assumptions are just another long forgotten fairytale.

Written By : Shabdika Data

Hey everyone, this is Shabdika Data. I hope you like it. I thank โ€œThat Amusing Girlโ€ for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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