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1 Night Dream – Call of the wild

March 19, 2021
1 Night Dream by Ayushi Dhawan

The power of imagination is one of a super power that human has, it’s wonderful to be at so many different places at a single moment with just a single thought, isn’t it amazing? There’s often a cliché idea that imagination is a part of dreams. What all we see in our dreams is what we have been thinking or perhaps imagining in our mind.

There might be some scientific reason behind dreams or it can be related to the subconscious part of our brain, but the only question I wonder about is, are dreams for real?? Recently, I was taken by the idea of a dream which I’ll describe in the form of a poetry further in this article.

1 night dream

It all started with when I was having one of my terrible days, my mood was upset for no reason… wait, are you judging me for this? Don’t, because everyone goes through Adulting and its shit. That day life appeared to me little vague without any meaning. I was trying hard to gather my emotions or you can say was trying hard to control it. 

Once on a windy night I remember,

I was sitting alone in a corner;

When suddenly the lights start to flicker,

And darkness surrounds all over.

Yes, apparently, I wasn’t just feeling bad, but life was giving me signals to believe that it’s not for no reason. After all everything happens for a reason in life, do you believe that?? 

No light, all black:

Where should I hide?

The only question,

 in my mind.

So, I was scared well who will not?  I fear of darkness. Already I was feeling pathetic and all this was not just random it’s a sign of bad omen that might happen in the future to me. I was shaking, I want to hold on tightly to the spot where I was sitting.

Somehow, I gathered strength; 

To get up and lit a candle, 

While kindling in the dark;

I saw a deviant shadow.

 I knew it, I should have clung to my corner spot and not get up, but what else should I had done then? And all this was not enough when I saw a shadow which freaked me out. All sorts of questions started running in my mind, who would be there? Is someone doing it on purpose? Should I go and see who’s there? 

God knows who’s there?

With a candle in my hand,

I followed the way of a shadow:

I got scared to hear a scream.

No matter that I gathered courage to go and see who’s shadow it was, the nearer I was from the moment of revelation, I was stunned by the scream that I heard on my way while following the shadow. What should have I done, run away from there? Or look for that scream? Well, I was for sure not in that state of mind to go further and claim the truth.

 To which I opened my eyes,

And saw no one near me;

Had a sigh of relief cause,

Realized it’s one of my night dreams.

 Yes, it was all about my dream, a night dream. When I opened my eyes, it was all dark around me so it took quite a while for me to realize it was just a dream, but what I experienced was for real, all the emotions of horror were felted by me but in a dream. Then after I gained my conscious back, I relaxed, had a glass of water, wipe out the sweat from my forehead and again get back to sleep.

1 night dream

This was my dream, filled with terror and horror. I still question the same are dreams for real? Cause what I experienced was just a dream, but the effect of it after I was out of my dream makes me wonder about it!!

Written By : Ayushi Dhawan

Hey everyone, this is Ayushi Dhawan. I hope you like it. I thank That Amusing Girl for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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  1. It was a Fabulous piece…Yes, we all go through scary dreams and the way you penned it was Amazing 🌸..

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