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Freed in the Rain – That Amusing Girl

March 13, 2021
Freed in the rain by Mihika dutta

It was a pleasant July evening. The sky outside a dark grey, an indication of the impending thunderstorm. The pitter patter of raindrops brought the girl out of the world of words she was sucked into by her book. Her tired brown eyes met with the dark sky outside. She watched through the glass of her small apartment as raindrops fell onto the balcony floor.

Mesmerized, she walked towards the sliding doors. The rain had always been her solace. As her fingers traced the outline of her reflection in the glass, she remembered the days she would deliberately walk in the rain just to find an escape from reality.

Sliding the door open, she stepped into the night. Closing her eyes, she turned her face up, letting the drizzle caress her round face. The rain made her brunette hair appear almost black. She felt herself letting loose… forgetting about the responsibilities that kept her awake on most nights. Lifting her hands up, she started to sway softly, thinking of how inconsequential her worries were in comparison to the universe.


As she twirled, the rain seemed to fall harder, as if encouraging her to open up and forget about her worries. While growing up, her passion for dance had only intensified. As a child she always used to stop everything just to see someone dance. She admired those with the courage to dance in front of the world, not afraid of the prying eyes.

But having a poor childhood and now not having enough time for herself between 2 jobs made it almost impossible for her to train herself in the form of dance that she loved. Fulfilling her dream of becoming a dancer slowly became a distant memory. Afraid of the judgmental eyes and the label of an amateur, she preferred to dance for someone who would appreciate, who would just look at her, but not observe. And so, she danced now…effortlessly in the rain. 

Moving with the drops, she imagined herself to be like water- taking the shape of whatever it pleased. She let herself flow. Humming softly to herself, placing one foot in front of the other… she bent forward. Rising like a blossoming flower, she turned around moving in circles, feeling as if all her restraints were finally broken. As she looked into the night, she saw the stars slowly transform into the chandeliers of those famous halls, the street lights became the spotlights and the wet floor her stage.

Standing on her toes she drew an invisible rainbow with her hands, imagining the world full of love and care. With a skip in her steps, as if waiting for the beat to drop, she jumped. With a beautiful split leap, she landed gracefully on the wet floor. She then did a curtsy to thank nature for her time. Grinning ear to ear like she would have if it were her performance… She let herself imagine what it would be like to stand proudly in front of a crowd which applauded her for her skills. 

But the thunder brought her back. The bright spotlights slowly faded and she could once again notice the dull street lamps. Her world of bliss ended as she remembered where she actually was. Life was unfair, she thought, not everyone gets what they want. But despite everything, the fact that she was able to live as if she was invincible, even if it were for a few minutes, is what kept her going. With a soft smile and a shake of her head she went back to her apartment… thanking the stars for that little time for herself.

Written By : Mihika Dutta

Hey everyone, this is Mihika Dutta. I hope you like it. I thank “That Amusing Girl” for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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  1. A minute’s dance, a fleeting glance,
    A moment’s musing, a beating heart;
    They came alive in your thought,
    As lightning cleaved the skies apart.

    Dear Mihika, may the serenity in your literary expressions keep growing as you continue to find freedom in the fierceness of Nature.

  2. Dear Mihika, you have painted such beautiful pictures with your words. Very impressive to see how wonderful your imagination is. Let’s have more of the same.

  3. This little story is pure bliss and every word is penned to evoke deep hidden desires that we humans cherish! Keep up the great work.

  4. Epiphanic, vivid, and poetic (poetry is in the detail)…tells the story of every girl who is born a free spirit but is shackled by the cares of the world …. only to break free albeit fleetingly, in the Rain, when she feels one with the universe- liberated and irrepressible , the way she is meant to be …well done Mihika… more power to your quill!

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