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The Shadow Voice – Poem by Himangi Agrawal

February 24, 2021
The Shadow voice

Everyone casts a shadow; we all have one.

But have you ever wondered why you have a shadow? Have you ever thought about why it always tags along with you? A thing so simple, yet so mysterious…


Don’t try and fix this

No amount of ignorance, 

No infinity in smiles, 

Or moments gone by, 

None of it will be strong enough. 

The same will break, 

The bridge will collapse, 

No promises wait

On the other side, 

The awaited land of happiness. 

It is not for you

To struggle in fear. 

The desire to achieve, 

A passion to move forward

Your realities lay there, seize them. 

When it does become unbearable, 

Come to me, I wait

Never will I leave your side, nor can I;

You make me, I complete you

But never will I hold you back. 

Bleed into me

Your regrets, your mistakes, 

I’ll lend you a shoulder

Tell me of the wrongs

The ones you’ve faced and the ones you’ve done. 

Let them not see

Anything but the best of you, 

Hide away your burden with me. 

I’ll keep the key safe

Hidden in your tears, 

Till they give it to me

I know, believe me

I’ve held you close

When the darkness surrounds you

I’ve stepped back, 

When you stand under spotlight

But I’ve held you closest

When in the moment of hopelessness

You saw a light

Far away, but a light all the same

You were closest to me then, 

But farthest apart.

I hold no grudge

I play a unique role

I know it, I have accepted it

But can I not long for more? 

After all, am I not important to you? 

I am… 

Am I? 

Fear not, 

I won’t leave your side, 

I have destined us

To spend eternity together

Just, when you look at me, 

Find more than yourself

Find a bit of me too 

Most sincerely, 

Always yours, 

Through happiness and sorrow, 

Your Shadow. 

Once you sit down to think about your shadow, many thoughts come to mind.

Sometimes your shadow is bigger than you, sometimes it’s smaller than you are…no matter its size, it is  always there with you. Sometimes, it leads you, sometimes it walks besides you, and sometimes it just quietly follows you. It’s not always visible, and yet always present. It’s like the silent support you need. 

Your shadow is like an unseen friend. You may not realize it but it is the only constant in one’s life. It Is always with you. No matter what day it is, or what time it is, it is always there. Not only is it here on your happy days, but is also there on your bad days..

It is there when you’re laughing on a meme with your friend, or crying while watching Titanic. It’s always there…

It is there when you are walking alone on a deserted road, giving you company. When sitting in a room alone, feeling desolate and bereft, clouded by dark thoughts, it sits with you to listen to you cry, listens to you scream about how unfair the world is. It always listens…

It never leaves you alone. It just silently listens to you without judging. You may get annoyed with its presence but it holds no grude. You may reveal all your secrets to it and it’ll never utter a word to anyone. It’s your most trustworthy confidante.

Don’t you think this precious friend of ours deserves some appreciation. It deserves to be applauded for constantly being there through our ups and downs. So just sit down some day to cherish our eternal partner in life!

Written by: Himangi Agrawal

Hey everyone, this is Himangi Agrawal. I hope you like it. I thank “That Amusing Girl” for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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