“We are our choices”
Life is a journey, where you cannot stop because it flows with the time. It is made up of an infinite amount of choices. In this journey, we make small and big choices which can either be good or bad. Choice is yours.
Everything in your life is a reflection of your thoughts, the choices you make, your actions and your words. Everything you do, everything you think, will matter a lot to you. Choices make people more successful.
“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.”
Every choice we make makes us. In whatever shape we wanna mold ourselves, depends upon our choices. There is nothing like a thing black or white people. Our color does not define us. We are what we are. We do not choose what our color looks like or what type of family we belong to ; it is all ascribed. We can only make a choice regarding what we have “NOW”. We often listen to many successful stories and those stories instantly become the striking – point in our life. We cannot choose what we are attracted to. We have to do what is right and what makes us different.
In every step of our life, our personality define us what kind of person you are. There is a whole lot of difference between the perception of ‘We’ and ‘They’. Stop comparing yourselves with anyone else. They cannot be you. And you cannot be them. Stop getting affected. Every person is different. Their choices to live their life makes them different. And so does yours.
“We cannot change the things happening around us, but the way they are perceived is the thing that can be changed.”

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