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Start From Somewhere

March 26, 2020

Start From Somewhere

Start From Somewhere
If your first step is into the right direction then, it won’t have to be a big one. 
Start from Somewhere….There are number of factors that are keeping you away from the positive changes we desire in our lives. There is distraction, laziness, addiction, fear… there would be much more. For us, the change seems too burdensome. And as a result, we simply have no idea where to start and how. This is the thing that lack us while changing.
We are aware and understand the importance of healthy life. We have always seen the positive influence of others. In-fact we daily see. But we aren’t taking initiatives. We envy the life they live. 
I’ve seen this countless times in my conversations with others concerning the importance of decluttering our homes and lives. They are fed up with everything. In-fact, they are unable to find joy in their life. They are just expecting it from others to make them right and feel happy. 
They usually sound like this – “I’m highly sentimental . I could never get rid of my family or this or that because i have emotional attachment.” 
You all must be aware of “Sandeep Maheshwari.” In one of his seminars , a girl told that – ” Sir, I want to do fashion designing but my parents are not allowing me to do so.
” He replied – “There are many things in your life [be that wrong or right] that you have done without the permission of your parents. Then, If you want do something which is not a wrong one. Then, why are you going to your parents for this.”
It’s the thing when we are not able to get a thing which we want very passionately, then we automatically start blaming others for this. Stop blaming your parents, friends, or others. Start from somewhere. 
“The beginning is always NOW.”
There is a thing – if a person is possessive regarding a thing then he/she may teach us a thing we aren’t aware of. “We learn from every small thing.” Sometimes a small child leaves us in a deep thinking. 
You don’t have to figure out everything before you start. Just one small step will lead you in right direction. When it comes to embracing positive changes in life , the road may indeed be long from Point A to Point B. But it always begins with a one tiny step. 
So, go ahead. Take one small step in the right direction. Take a step. Face the challenges.  
“Start from small. You don’t need infrastructure for something.”
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