“Love” is not attachment. “Attachment” is not Love.

The concept of holding someone near us and taking care of it- whether it’s an idea, aim or dream- without becoming attached to it.  
Attachment is mediocre. It’s not possible that a person will never get attached to someone. It’s a feeling that exits between emotional affection and physical affection. Whereas, Love is an unswerving feeling for somebody. Humans beings can deftly be attached. It goes from objects, people, any special place, environment and almost everything. 
  “We always lose what we cling to – Buddha
This is where we lost everything. If, we think a person is gonna be attached to us, we start running away from that person because there is a feeling of apprehension.  

“Accept what comes and allow it to leave when it’s time.”

This is not about living your life without love but to love is not to expect anything in return. Because it is said that :-“Expectations always hurt.” Yes, it truly does. Don’t expect but prepare yourself everytime.

0% Expectations but 100% preparation. 


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