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Dating in 2021 | Trends

June 24, 2021
Dating in 2021 – by PAGE-IT
dating in 2021

Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. it’s a feeling that you cannot resist and the feeling that you cannot ever forget. Being touched by the feeling of love is the most memorable of all.

But unfortunately, relationships don’t work nowadays because we’re dating people who still love their ex. We suffer from insecurities, we didn’t create. We are dating people for trying to move on. We are dating people who date for the sake of showing their ex that they can live without them. We are dealing with broken hearts that we didn’t break. So, relationships fail because people take their own insecurities and try to twist them into their partner’s flaws.

In-fact, a real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is. We fall in love with people’s flaws and if you love someone you love them with all their scars, their sadness and their flaws as the perfect person would be impossible to love. Your partner got to be more than just a lover. They got to be your best friend, your spiritual collaborator, your confident and your teacher. They have to help you face the things you don’t want to face alone. The person you eat with, laugh with, and the person that makes you learn new things about yourself.

So, don’t loose hope and find your partner with dating apps of 2021 such as – tinder, bumble, OKcupid, Hinge, plenty of fish, etc. in which you can select age and distance range. However, in this fast paced world one should fail fast to find their soulmate. So, search your soulmate with specific location based dating app WANNABAE.

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