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June 17, 2021
7 steps how to plan your life by Deepanshi Hatwal

It is the truth universally acknowledged that we all find it difficult to make a routine and wonder how to plan your life but it’s even more difficult to stick to that routine. So many times it happens with me that I plan my things in my head when I’m the most motivated but later in the day it just becomes thin air.

Making a plan takes so much labor and not being able to stick to it really sucks. I’m sure many of us must have experienced the same. I have found it really difficult to stick to my routine due to various reasons. But of course we cannot stay like this. Then what we shall do. To be more productive, I have read so many articles and blogs on how to plan your life but in the end nothing worked.

7 steps how to plan your life

Well I have here a few things to suggest to you that I have tried, that will help how to plan your life and had quite satisfactory results.

  1. Prioritize your work according to time– I know it must be sounding like ‘same old advice’ but trust me sometimes we underestimate the powers of “gharelu nuskhe” and then sulk for it later. When we don’t prioritize our things, we start doing whatever we get our hands on and then forget the count on time. So to avoid this less productive spending of time, make a list of the things that you want to finish that day only according to the time your day has started and till when you can afford to end it. Just plan it! 
  2.  Write it down: Most of the time what happens is we just plan things in our head and therefore do not make it concrete by putting it down on paper or e-notes. Because of this it loses its substantiality and becomes trivial  for us. Here to make it concrete and put it to the universe that you wanna do it, writing it down (preferably in a notebook). By writing it down you make it more doable.
  3. Don’t over plan: Now when you sit to plan your work with all your motivation you sometimes just plan a whole month or couple of weeks in one go. It’s not that you should not do it but when you are just starting off to be on a track do not overburden yourself cause later you will take it as a weight on your shoulders and not do it willingly just for the sake of doing it. Lack of interest can make it unproductive. So start by planning in smaller slots. Start with a day or maybe a couple of days so you can also see what you can bear to do in a go, what’s your attention span etc.
  4. Just start it alright: Work started is work half done. Sometimes we have done everything right – prioritize, wrote it, planned it everything. But it’s getting difficult to start. So don’t give you mind this lobby to drift away. If you have thought you want to do something now just block off any other thought and start. Just dive into it and let it flow.
  5. Set a mental time limit: Many times what happens is that we work according to  the official time limit that we have been given. Now because of it we sometimes do not  have enough time to recheck it or improvise it. By setting a mental/unofficial time limit, it provides us a buffer time to  do that. With this you are of course on time with the work as well you can further improvise it within time if you feel like so.
  6. Revisit your plans : Meaning that after writing on paper and having started the work, sometimes you may get a productivity lapse that may degrade the quality of the work you do. So by revisiting time and again your mind will be active about the coming work and the deadlines that you have made.
  7. Appreciate your small victories: Be proud of you. Take notice of the things that you have ticked from your list. You have been doing great so far. Make sure you never neglect your small achievements, these achievements are going to be your affirmations to do better. So appreciate them.

Written By : Deepanshi Hatwal

Hey everyone, this is Deepanshi Hatwal. I hope you like it. I thank That Amusing Girl for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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