BTS Butter

BTS Butter – earns the pop icons another #1 record

May 24, 2021

BTS Butter

After a tiny BTS hiatus, I had to come back and write about the Bangtan boys on the blog with the news released earlier today that the Korean global sensations has made their #1 record with their second entirely English song: “Butter”. It isn’t generic in anyway. It’s unusual and unexpected and I am definitely here for it. There are also quite a few places that the lyrics could go to with the theme of “Butter”. Their buttery soft voices making my heart melt like butter? Well, you get the idea.

Indeed, BTS Butter has created a storm on the internet, and by the looks of it, it won’t calm down any time soon. The K-pop group have just smashed the record for most viewed video in 24-hours of release on YouTube, a feat which was earlier set by the band itself.

BTS Butter

“I hope that this can be really the summer song for 2021.”

The elevator dances in the ‘Butter’ music video were all ad-libbed 

There’s a part in the music video of BTS latest music album where each member of BTS performs their own unique moment of choreography. For J-hope, it’s pulling a dynamic move; for V, pretending he’s putting on cologne. “There’s a part where the members are each dancing in an elevator set, expressing their feelings,” V explained during the press conference. “We ad-libbed them – they’re freestyle dances we came up with on set and we chose how we could express ourselves best.”

I used to be the girl who never knew anything about K-pop music. For me, only two categories of music existed – Hollywood and Bollywood and now I forgot what Bollywood songs should I listen to.

They might be global superstars now, but they’re still humble 

‘Butter’ is part of their continued goal to win a Grammy 

Last year, BTS achieved a long-harbored ambition of being nominated for a Grammy with their 2020 single ‘Dynamite’. The track didn’t manage to secure them one of those golden gramophone trophies, but they haven’t lost hope in their goal to hold one in their hands one day. Asked if ‘Butter’ was another attempt at Grammys glory, Suga replied that it wasn’t not part of that quest. “We continue to want to receive a Grammy award,” he said. “‘Butter’ will be another try and I hope can have good results.”

And they will get it this time for sure smooth like BUTTER”

At the rate “this new song” is racking up the views, it may very well be headed for a number of spots in the YouTube-related history books, and it may quickly snatch one very important record.

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