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Actually, Life is Beautiful and I have time !

March 28, 2021
Life is beautiful by Khushi Tayal

Nowadays, people often hand over their lives very easily. Why is that so? Is life not important? Does your life has no value? Do you not consider yourself lucky for having it? Well, you want to a minimum of once believe the importance of life and therefore the value it carries with itself. You want to consider yourself lucky for having something as extraordinary and special as your life.

Whenever you are feeling low, just close your eyes and consider all the special moment’s life has given you, consider all the happiness you’ve got received, consider all the days once you knew you’re special to someone that your life means something to them. This is often the instant once you will realize life is beautiful.

life is beautiful


Sometimes, life gives you a tough time and you would possibly feel that there’s nothing left for you in it. But this is often the time once you should be strong and don’t let your fear overcome you. Life may be a cycle of excellent and bad times, if you’re facing a difficult period then surely good times is on your way. Generally, in your difficult period, you are feeling as if nothing matters to you and you interest nobody.

All the happiness around you disappears leaving a region in your happy life. You are feeling as if nothing is left for you and you’ll never be happy again.

You would possibly like better to live alone because consistent with you nobody can understand what you’re browsing. Nobody can understand the pain and therefore the heavyweight that you simply are carrying on your chest alongside you. You’ll no more enjoy your favorite things be it your favorite cuisine or your favorite movie, everything seems to be dull with no meaning in it.

It seems like life is punishing you for all of your bad karma all directly. And eventually, at now, you are feeling that there’s nothing you or anyone can do to form it better. There’s no turning back from this moment, from this emptiness, and there’s no ray for hope and happiness.


But you’re wrong, ( life is beautiful ) difficult periods only causes you to stronger. It pushes you into a phase where you get to understand more about you. At this stage, you realize what are your weaknesses and strengths are. You realize what affects you and what brings you joy. So, rather than thinking of bad times and becoming sad rather consider ways in which can cause you to happy. One of the foremost simple ways to try to do this is often by spending time together with your loved one’s.

Because sometimes you don’t realize that you simply are creating a niche between you’re your family/friends. Once you are sad, you don’t realize what proportion it affects them. Don’t lose hope simply because today wasn’t a good day rather consider ways in which can make your tomorrow better.

There are many ways to try that, and once you exit your sad and lonely arena you’ll realize there are tons of individuals who would want to support you in building a good future for you. But it’s up to you ways you cope up together with your difficult times. Whether you let it overcome your happy times or not? Whether you let it overcome the love of others for you?


Before, taking any step that you simply might regret in future just remember, this era is bad and difficult and I’ll surely overcome it. I’ll not let my one bad day ruin my more tomorrow’s because life is beautiful and that I have much time.

Written by : Khushi Tayal

Hey everyone, this is Khushi Tayal. I hope you like it. I thank “That Amusing Girl for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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  1. This is absolutely amazing. Love your ideas and outlook on life. Keep it up. Super proud of you.

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