A little piece of unsolicited advice
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A little piece of unsolicited advice

March 26, 2021
A little piece of unsolicited advice by Devanshee Sharma

We often take life for granted. Mostly, we fail to appreciate life. I know it’s highly cliched, but that’s what it is. Most of us don’t even realize that we’re well and alive because we’re so busy chasing the bigger things in life. True to human nature, our primary focus remains on achieving some milestone or fitting into the general societal norms. Failing to see that each one of us is tailor-made and the “one size fits all” approach seldomly does any good. It’s good to pause and breathe every once in a while-reflect on your decisions, and appreciate your journey.

We often find ourselves comparing our lives with others. Funnily, we forget the one truth and fact amongst it all: each of us is born with different gifts, different opportunities, and privileges. But above all, we all have different destinies and separate identities. This is why there’s a diversity of thought and so much beauty in the world. Can you imagine if everyone had the same beliefs and they did the same things? The world would be a dreadfully monotonous place swarmed with clones who only looked different from each other.

A little piece of unsolicited advice

Nevertheless, we focus on the so-called significant events. A promotion, straight A’s in the report card, a big fat check, lavish weddings, luxurious cars, exotic destination getaways, the death of a loved one, and the birth of a new-born. Undoubtedly these events leave an indelible mark in one’s existence. Such occasions also mark the beginning and end of unequivocal chapters in people’s lives. Perhaps, this is why some joys, advancements, and losses take precedence and hold greater significance than the routine occurrences in one’s life. As crucial as these happenings may be, they can never solely make life a memorable experience.

The little things in life are just as significant as every other milestone, if not more. Remember the time you learned to ride a bicycle? Or the first time you won a competition? Pretty sure that competition seems like a distant memory, and learning to ride your cycle was nothing more than a passage of rite. Significant then, but merely of any value now.

The world does not care about the number of tears you shed and the bruises you bore so you could speed around the neighborhood with your friends. All while pulling those wild tricks that made your mother’s heart skip a beat. And nobody would ever ask you about the first time you won a competition. These are not the events that would leave a significant dent in the world- they’re mere little activities.

And it wouldn’t have made the slightest bit of a difference if you never learned to ride a bike or lost the competition. But here’s the thing, the choices you make- shape you. Every event that’s lead up to this moment has made you the individual that you are. Perhaps, learning to ride that bike made you a resilient person: a head-strong individual, gave you a newfound love for sports, an appreciation for healthy competition, and made new friends.

Similarly, the first time you painted, cooked a meal, taking your first solo trip, and all your other firsts are crucial. But so are all those times you went about your routine, doing what you think is ordinary. Like the time you cooked with your family, all those trips, and the random car rides you took with them.

Believing in the tooth fairy, reading novels on a lazy afternoon, taking your pet out for a walk, gossiping with your best friend, trying to win over your crush, submitting an assignment, taking a day off, going for a walk, and waking up at all is of equal importance. That’s not little, even if it seems ordinary when compared to the milestones we set for ourselves.

I believe that life is beautiful, not because of the ‘once in a lifetime opportunities and events’- but because of all the little things that make us smile- fill our hearts with gratitude. If you keep waiting for some significant event, I assure you, life will seem like one miserable tram journey on a frigid day with no warmth. Learn to cherish the present and the little things.

Reminisce the times your mother hummed a lullaby while tucking you to sleep, how she sang while working, the way your father taught you to debate (even if it ended up as a heated argument), and the time your sibling annoyed you but bonded over your favorite meal. Remember how beautiful dark grey skies look, and the cool breeze that blows fills your nose with the fragrance of the earth- at that moment, life’s worries seem far away. Think of how a sunny day brings optimism and the bare necessities soothe your soul on a tough day.

I end this with a piece of unsolicited advice: appreciate the little things in life. The momentous events will come and go- celebrate them with pomp and the utmost joy. But keep in mind, life happens to you in the smallest of moments when you’re not paying attention. You won’t realize how long and short life is until the music stops. So as long as it is in your power, live life and enjoy each day to the fullest extent. Find love, create your happiness, and when you look back, you’ll see how wonderful your time had been.

Written by:- Devanshee Sharma

Hey everyone, this is Devanshee Sharma. I hope you like it. I thank That Amusing Girl for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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  1. V v interesting and a great advice especially in difficult or challenging times. We can all make the best of looking at our life and achievements happily including the small achievements as the article mentions. Yes being alive and well in itself is a reason to smile . Recent events and occurrences in the world and how people have adapted their lives in various situations is a reminder of life not being predictable always. The article encourages us all to be happy about all our aspects of life and see what we can learn from challenges as well.
    I really liked the article and it’s v well written clear and easy to understand.
    Well done.

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