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Love is not in the air

March 17, 2021
Love is not in the air by Renu Negi

I always used to believe that Love is in the air, Love is everywhere and this world exists because of love and trust. But when I started digging up things around me, I got everything just topsy turvy. I often heard people saying things like love is something that holds you, that motivates you to grow and that encourages you to achieve heights in life. But my findings are something contrary to that. In reality there is nothing like that.

I saw sufferings behind love, compromises behind trust and struggles behind loyalty.

Is this what holds us?? If there is love, then why do people sacrifice their happiness?? I used to believe that love is coherent to happiness. If your soul is not lively, if you are not happy then there is no meaning of love in your life. It will become worthless. 

Love is not in the air

Love is something that makes you feel that no matter how hard everything is going against you but that one person will always stand by your side.

You never have to ask him/her to support you, to love you or to embrace you.

You just have to fill up the flaws of your loved one. Your relation should be as perfect as the key and lock. They both have no relevance without each other. But wait!! Filling up the flaws never mean struggling day and night to change your loved one, when the other person is so cruel and rigid. 

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Flaws never mean ignoring everything that goes against you. Flaws can be his/her inability to do certain things. You can only work on those flaws when you are allowed to do so. You can’t live with the flaws that are eating you up from inside. You cannot have sleepless nights thinking to sort out things alone. You can’t do anything alone. 

Love always need efforts from both sides. Loving someone is just not enough until you get the same level of peace from the other side too. I saw people who were badly in love and later became toxic for each other. Love is not always necessary but trust, care, respect and support is.

We never go in search of love. We always search for support, trust, respect and care. Yes, they are synonymous to love. Love can’t hold alone when these factors are missing. I always used to tell one of my friend (used to be but not now, it’s sad) that the only factor that holds love is respect and trust. 

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Trust and respect holds a fundamental place in a relationship. You can live with a person whom you do not love but trust with your life. We usually see many ideal love stories around us. What holds them so long into a relationship?? Obviously trust and respect. They both trust each other. They both love each other unconditionally and most importantly they both want to hold each other’s hand forever.

On the other hand they respect each other’s choices, decisions and aura in the family as well as in their professional life. You can’t hold on somebody whom you love but not trust. It’s almost impossible. You both will end up killing each other either physically or mentally.

 Let’s not go deep into what really is love. I want to go further with the idea that I never saw Love is in the air. When I used to observe two people who claimed themselves to be in love, I just saw sufferings. I never found love anywhere. There is a lot of suffering on one side and lots of ignorance on the other side. Ignorance to the suffering that is hollowing the other partner is just a heartless act.

Here in this part of Love is not in the air, I’m sharing my different perspectives where I think these sufferings lie. This is not to create a negative view among my readers about love but to make them realize the part from where this “Theory of Love” is diverting.

HOW I DEFINE LOVE“Love is not in the air”

Love is all about having that one person in life who stands by your side no matter how worse the situations are.

Having a single sight of that person when blooms you with grace, you can call yourself in love.

Love is not in materialistic things. It lies in small efforts and care. It originates from everything that is not materialistic but genuine with good intensions. Love is in the surname which a lady outshines proudly. Love is when you both hold each other in every situation and make each other stronger and more responsible every day. “Love is not in the air”

Love is never in the theories; it is gracefully craved in our hearts and emotions!!


Every love story has its own struggles, pains, compromises and off course its own way of expressing love. Gone were the days when the struggle was just to convince the parents and society for acceptance of people’s love. And honestly, those were the days when love used to be in the air. It’s not only between two people of the opposite gender. It was also between families and neighbors. Love has become complicated nowadays.

I agree with the view that efforts are needed from both sides but do you believe that what we are considering efforts these days are not really efforts. They are our silliness which we want to accomplish. But why?? These days’ efforts are distributed towards doing things that have no meaning in reality. And at the end, this results into a shifted focus from the part where focused efforts are much required.

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 It’s not at all important that your lover texts you every time, tags you in every post, comments on your every picture or reacts the same way on social media as you do. But it’s more important that he/she will hold you in reality, react to your bad moods in a positive way in reality, cherish you for the way you are in real life and love you for your flaws.

Love is not in the air? I believe that love is not in the air but I think now we can surely bring it back by putting our efforts into a probable fantasy world.

“So people, it’s not important to love in probability but it’s fundamental to have a love in reality.” 

Written By: Renu Negi

Hey everyone, this is Renu Negi. I hope you like it. I thank “That Amusing Girl for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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  1. Indeed! Love is a blessing which obviously have its own struggles but it isn’t love if it don’t showers you with peace at the end! Written with a flourish!

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