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January 15, 2021
Kodaikanal is on

Who would say no to a chilling and relaxing weekend at the princess of hills? Yes. Kodai in Tamil Nadu is the wholesome beauty I am talking about! The mist-filled roads and fresh cool breeze that gushes through your hair will surely be an escape from your hectic routine life. 

After a long and tiring week, we as a gang of five friends decided to go on a vacation for the weekend. But, on one condition! The place must be filled with a chill breeze along with greeny trees and hills all around. The location that popped up in all of our minds the next second was none other than our ever-favourite Kodai!

We all were super-excited yelling “Kodai is On!”. We packed our backpacks and hopped into our shoes and headed straight towards Kodai to have an amazing time together! 

At once we landed at Kodai, we went straight towards the Kodai lake which has always been my personal favourite to sit back with a plate of yummy hot Maggi in the chilling climate and watch people have boat rides in the beautiful lake. Also, Cycling around the lake area is one of the fun activities to do along with your friends while in Kodai.

After a good time cycling around the lake, all of us got ready with our shopping bags to have a gala time and grab goodies at low costs in the shops that are lined around the lake area itself. You guys can find a lot of cute girly accessories and hoodies for boys at cheap prices! We grabbed a lot of from the shops and also had bread omelets in the evening!


To be honest, the bread omelette at Kodai is a dish that makes your mouth water for days even after you leave the place. 

To add up to the fact, Kodai is surrounded by a lot of small villages which are rich in greenery and lakes all around. We then had a small trek towards the Dolphin’s nose which is an eye-catching sight to experience. After a tiring yet worthy trek, we entered our all-time favourite Altaf’s cafe! Trust me, the food they serve in that chilling climate is worth the visit! There we munched our burgers and pizza till our tummies got filled.

After all this, we all were happily exhausted and went back to the cottage that we booked earlier for our stay. It was a comfortable and beautiful cottage with an amazing view of the greenery lending us with peaceful sleep. Most importantly, we didn’t forget our cameras! Capturing the beauty of nature and posing for amazing photographs is an entertaining activity to do amidst the eye catching scenic environment.

And, don’t ever miss out the bike barbeque Chicken that you could find in the lake area around 7pm. A brother with his black jerkin on would be busy preparing barbeque on his black and classy royal Enfield. Trust me, you would never regret the experience of tasting the chicken served by him in the freezing climate!

If you are lucky enough, you will also get a chance to witness the beautiful Kurunji flower that blooms at Kodai only once in every twelve years! An extra tip from my side, please don’t forget your hoodies and sweaters as Kodai is always cool be it the day or the night time. The trip to Kodai this time with my peeps was truly a much-needed break from our routine that we enjoyed to the extent!

To all the adventure junkies out there, Kodai is a highly recommended and a must-visit place by us in the down south. 

Written By :- Neha Ravi

Hey everyone, this is Neha Ravi. I hope you like it. I thank That Amusing Girl for giving me this opportunity. Do leave comments if you like it and I will reply soon.

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