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Who knows you better than anyone else ?

October 22, 2020
Who knows you? In this world, It’s hard to know about yourself and to know what you need in your life. 
Who knows you

We always hear that “We all are different” in some perspectives. But. In what activity ? 

Do you ever have a thought in your mind that – I am capable to perform anything. I can dance, sing, study, I can think differently or more. “I do”. I would say daily. Because I think I have the capability that I can perform more and more activities. 

“Life” – It’s all about upcoming hurdles. And when the going is tough and you are not sure what to do. Always remember that you are own best resource and do believe in yourself. 

“Do not let others define you.”

You can only describe yourself in comparison of others. You are the one who tolerates all your feelings, your moods and much more. Not anyone else. 
Sometimes it’s okay to let them speak about yourself. We always ask about ourselves – “How am I looking?”, “Should I do this” – these are the signs of defining yourself. You are just taking advice and then you try to make yourself correct. 
Who knows you
 It’s Imperative that you trust yourself. Because “No one knows better than you.”
The only way to get something is that you do for it. 
  • Your intuition is powerful. 
  • Just because you are emotional, does not mean that you are weak.
  • Trust Yourself till the end. Because no one knows you better than yourself.
  • Do not compare yourself.
  • Do not underestimate yourself.
  • Try to say – “Yes, I am capable of doing this.”
  • Do not get easily affected by someone.
  • “Listen everyone” But follow the right one.
  • Always stand up for yourself. 
  •  You always know what is best for you.
  • Your opinion is imperative when it comes to life.
  • Your voice counts.
You can trust yourself without being skeptic because you and only you know what is best for you , what suits you and what will benefit you. It doesn’t mean that taking somebody’s advice is not good for you rather it helps us . But it is not necessary to look up to all the judgments and decisions made by others. As you are the only person who’s going to be there till your last breath. 
You know your worth. And even you also know that how to explore yourself more in this world. This is a world where we find people more confused about themselves. Most of them are teenagers because they don’t even know what they actually need in their life. We are so mentally involved in this world that we sometimes forgot our inner-selves.
This is the point where we lose everything. Doesn’t matter what the situation is and how hard your problems are, You should always stand up for your-self. This is the way you wanna make yourself so strong. 
I too find it difficult for myself to make decisions on my own. I take advice. But I always do, what my heart says. Because I know myself much better. 
Here is a question – “Should we listen to others or not?”, “Should we take advice from others or not?”. As I said earlier. Taking advice is not wrong but implementing it without your convince is not the way to handle circumstances. 
    “Stop confusing yourself where you need yourself the most & stop making situations so hard.”
“Why do we all need someone to guide when we do it on our own?” Yes. We do. We always think that if someone was there then they can guide us in this action/activity. Because we always need guardian in our life who guide us better because they have experienced these phases in their life earlier. “EXPERIENCE MAKES US PERFECT.” 
“the more you repeat something in your life, the more you get to know about it.”


Therefore, experience does matter in everyone’s life. It make us more specified and effective. If someone asks you about your capabilities you are the one who proudly can explain them much better than anyone else. 
  • Stay proud on yourself always.
  • Be you own best version of yourself.
  • Self-reliance is the key to success.

“YOU” knows yourself better than anyone else. !!!

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