Inspector , What are you wearing ? 

Alvaro Morte – With this statement has made us all fall in love with him. Sergio Marquina , better known as The Professor is one of the main characters in the Netflix series Money HeistHe is the one responsible of organizing the heists of Royal Mint and The National Reserve Bank of Spain.

However, even all the other characters of money heist have their own individual characteristics, but The Professor is something else. I watched the show few month ago and now I am obsessed with it and even more with the professor.

Moments where Alvaro Morte AKA The Professor made us fall in love with him !

With the shyness, calmness and intelligence portrayed in his character , I could not have dreamed of a better professor than him. Not only he is a ‘guardian angel’ to Tokyo, but also he is an angel to everybody. He is a classic introvert as he doesn’t talk much and avoids eye contact. He overall has a calm, disciplined and contained personality.


The way he smiles, the way he pushes his glasses up, the way he dances, the way he adopts origami while on the phone, makes him the most lovable of all.

He has described ‘love’ with a totally different perspective. Because who would take their loved ones with themselves on a heist which is full of complexity and uncertainty, where you are not sure whether they’ll be alive or not. 

 “When someone is in love, they look through rose-tinted glasses. Everything’s wonderful. They transform into a soft teddy bear that’s smiling all the time.- Alvaro Morte.” 

That is exactly how he looked when he was in love with Raquel : ‘like a soft teddy bear with glasses that’s smiling all the time’.

He is very high on emotional intelligence as when everyone else is surrounded by their feelings, and emotions he is the one who stands up and moves forward. He knows how to handle relationships. He knows how to make people happy.

Throughout the four seasons, he has always tried to hide his emotions and to some extent he succeeded too. We saw him smile, We saw him fall in love. We saw him cry. We saw him dance. We saw him saving lives. Even in so many different circumstances, he never stopped doing what he had to do and what he loved to do.

It is difficult to assume the series without the leadership of Alvaro Morte. He has now became an obsession more than just one of my celebrity crushes. It is however not possible to describe what i truly feel about the character , yet I’ve tried to unfold one of ‘My Obsessions’.

To think of Money Heist sans the presence of The Professor would have made La Casa de Papel a boring watch. The intricacies that he brings to the table is what meshes well with the other members and what makes them such a delectable unit.

Despite planning the biggest heist in human history, the Professor maintains stringent moral principles. He refrains from killing Raquel’s mother even when it appears to be the only possibility of survival for the heist.

He maintains that not spilling blood is the most important rule of the heist. However, it is unclear if this is only due to consideration of public opinion, or if it arises from a moral standpoint. He also shows great compassion and love for his team members, despite beginning his heist classes with the ‘No Personal Relationships’ rule.

We bow to you, Mr. Professor!

Do watch the series if you haven’t. It is worth spending time on. At last ….


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