Everyone feels happy about different things. All people have a source of happiness. If you are not as happy as you would like to be then you must have to work on your sources of happiness. By working on those are you can boost your happiness. For that, you have to work within yourself.


How would you define happiness? 


There are lots of definitions you can find about happiness. ‘Happiness depends upon ourselves.” Every individual has their definition of happiness. Happiness has a huge impact on the way we live our life.


Happiness is not a trait it’s a state of mind. It’s not a long-lasting or permanent trait. It’s more like a changeable state. You are happy in a moment and suddenly in the next moment, you are not. 


As per Etymology Online, the word “happy”/”happiness” is originated from luck. That’s why people think happiness is a product of luck. So if you are happy that means you lucky. But let me tell you one thing happiness is depended on your state of mind.


“Not the world but the world you have created within the world determines the degree of your happiness or unhappiness!”― Mehmet Murat ildan


Let me simply explain this quote “You are the architecture of your happiness”. Yes, we human create happiness by yourself. We have that power but we tend to ignore this power. And blame life for unhappiness moment.


Self-happiness is a power that teaches you to satisfy yourself. It is linked with self-confidence. It means that you are happy with your choices and what type of person you are.



Deep down it is the only thing people need to feel happy. Sometimes you can have everything and feel unhappy. Sometimes you can feel happy when you have nothing. 


“Happiness is the treasure that lies within you”. In this materialistic world, people attach themselves to flashy things and they feel happy about with that. But this is just an illusion you cant bound yourself to materialist things to feel happy.




 How to find happiness within yourself?


Being optimistic



Always try to think a good outcome of every situation and this will put a smile on your face. Eventually, you’ll feel happy regardless of the outcome of the situation.



Comfortable life



In this materialist world people told you to buy things and it’ll make you happy. Yes, the salesperson does that.


You end up buying that thing and you think to be happy you need to buy more things for that you need more money.


Comfortable living is subjective it told you what you need from life. It explains the real source of your happiness rather than some materialistic thing.



Be Purposeful



When you discover the purpose of your life. You start looking at things differently. You, look for meaning in everything you do.


Well, it’s not easy to find the purpose of your life. You don’t need anyone else to find that all you need to ask yourself what sets your soul on fire.





According to researchers, healthy people are happy people. When you exercise it increases dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical present in the brain which is associated with happiness.

Exercise reduces feelings of isolation, makes you confident.


So in reality happiness is revolves around you, it lies with yourself. You have to find it in yourself and pursue it.



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