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How to do Karma Yoga practice in daily life ?

May 11, 2020

“As the heat of fire reduces wood to ashes, the fire of knowledge burns to ashes all karma.” – Bhagavad Gita 

The essence of Karma yoga is, do not wish for fruits to be done (you have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions). 


It is also called karma yoga, which is considered the best in the Gita. According to the Gita, having karma yoga is the most important for the successful life of any human being. 


But when we get to hear that “do not worry about the fruits of the work done”, sometimes it seems quite strange that how can us do any work without worrying about the fruit? 


After all, we are not saints or monks. But this happened due to misunderstanding this verse (karma yoga). Actually, it only advises us that you just do your work.


Do not pay much attention to what will be the result of that work. It tells us to live in our present day. Live today, live in the present moment.


Meanings to live in the moment, wherever you are, live it fully. Enjoy that moment to the fullest. This means that you are completely immersed in whatever work you are doing.


Being immersed in it means that you are giving 100% of yourself in that moment. The funny thing is that you doing work in your today, but your mind isalway in the future or past.


Even after working from morning to evening, the mind does not get satisfaction because we are unable to take pleasure in what we have done or what we have and get immersed in the worry of the result of that work.


It is not that we do not know that the result is not in our hands, but still knowing it, we become ignorant.


If a person learns to live in the present time, then many of his problems disappear on their own.


Can do any work without pressure. This is karma yoga.


Even if you are not doing anything, you are consciously or unknowingly doing such a deed that the body, mind, and the surrounding environment are suffering from diseases.


Knowing karma means that by reviewing what you are doing, you will understand how much profit and how much loss it makes. 


Now instead of bad habits and bad actions, practice good habits and good actions. Continuous practice brings skill in karma.


How to become proficient in karma: To get anything, one has to do karma and also for no desire to get anything, it will have to be done by karma.


Yoga and Gita show us the way to live in reality. Most people live with regrets of the past and imagination of the future. Yoga says that living in the present brings forth awareness. 


It is this awareness that gives the right direction to our thinking. That is why we are motivated to do the right thing.


To be proficient in karma one should study the truth of yoga and the tenacity and self-study of the law. Kriya yoga cuts the bond of karma.


Karma yoga is formed by combining two words – Karma and Yoga. Most of our time is spent working at the office or at home.


Can our daily routine be given the form of spiritual practice? What can we do to make our karma yoga?


Most people cannot walk without support. There are some people who can walk without any support from the very beginning.


Therefore Karma Yoga has been brought into your life to balance Sadhana properly.


Karma is not needed for yoga. Going beyond karma is yoga. Karma yoga was introduced to bring balance to humans. 


What we call our awareness, love, experience or glimpse of truth, if we want to maintain it, then the path of doing nothing is a great way.


But he is very full and unstable. It is really very full. This is the easiest and most difficult route. It is not difficult, but not completely easy, because it is simple – now and here.


But he is very slippery and unstable. It is really very slippery. This is the easiest and most difficult route. It is not difficult, but not completely easy, because it is simple – now and here.


But how to get this ‘now and here’? Whatever you do is not in your hands. He will never be in your hands.


But your hands still need something, you need to hold something. That is why you have been supported by Karma Yoga.


Doing something with full participation that does not matter to you breaks the structure of karma. If your activity is to become yoga, it must be liberating.


If your work has become a process of bonding for you, then it is karma. So the question is not how much work you do. How do you do that work?



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