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Life doesn’t stop for anybody.

April 25, 2020
                                    “Things change, Friends leave.
                                And Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”
“Life is so hard to predict”. And if you are reading this then you must have gone through it and faced these little situations in your life. Life is made up of obstacles, problems and many more contingent circumstances. 
But the thing is we cannot predict in our life what is coming to us – heartbreak, problems, obstacles – name it.
Tough times are faced by everyone. EVERYONE. I know you probably may think that the world is against you during the tough time, in-fact it is completely the opposite side. However, I know what it feels like during problems, obstacles, unexpected goodbyes or loss. Believe me, it’s not easy that you pickup yourself during tough times or when you feel broken.
“Life is all about a second chance.” A test. You think you fail. But in reality, you didn’t. You always receive second chance in your life for whatever you have done. The way you handle your problems or situations, is the way how you pass your test of life. 
Life has unexpected challenges. It’s hard for us to stop what is going and pause the time. 
But Darling, Nothing stops for you. Neither you should. 
“Your life stops only when you stop. But everything around you will not stop. The show will go on. Life does not have a pause button or intermission. It will continue.”
People don’t see when you suffer. And most of the time they make fun of you when you don’t want to show yourself up and face the world. That’s the time when we need each another the most. We need someone to hold our hands. 
Give yourself a chance and see how strong you are. Let yourself exceed in life. 
I’ll leave you with this – whenever you face some problems in your life. Do not think you are alone. Give yourself a chance and keep faith. 
As I have heard from somewhere :- “Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.”

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