Here is the 10th post on my blog. This is not a kind of formal and usual blog, this is a poetry that has been written by me . When , How , Why I started writing, all questions would be answered when you read this poem. 
So, here you Go :  
The story starts from here when they first met,
Deep conversation b/w them is not yet !
In starting he was not a topic for her,
For her he was a thing which didn’t even occur !
On the first day she was just like a stranger for him,
But for her the lights started to be dim !
She can’t do anything, apart from adding his no. ,
It’s not in her hands, bcoz she is younger !
She always check his status and display picture,
She uses to say he is a truly mixture !
When he is online, her heartbeats gets faster,
When he goes offline, for her there comes a disaster !
He is a kind of guy she has always dreamt of,
But now he is just like an imagination which she has to turn off !
He is her one and only wish which can’t come true,
But he can become the best mechanic to fix her loose screw !
He is a very shy guy having a sweet personality,
After seeing him she has changed her mentality !
He is a type of person who is possessive about everything,
Most of what he did, was so frustrating !
He always remains serious every-time for me,
This is the only thing which can’t make me feel free!
Too many memories of living and dead,
Most of the things were left unsaid !
Whenever he say you’re a child,
At that time only she becomes wild !
He is too mature and also a kid by heart,
“good-morning” is the first step for a conversation to start !
She can never describe how she feels when she says “goodbye”
Every-time she only wait for his single “Hi” !
Years passed we are still apart,
But for a free life, it was the start !
We didn’t even know about each other, where are we,
But for living a life to our own, we feel free !
She always needs someone to make her feel comfortable ,
But she can’t get over on precious memories which are memorable !
It’s not easy for her to love someone again,
Bcoz, of all that times she suffered from pain !
But she need someone with whom she Can talk,
A person along with she can have a lifetime walk !
It’s not easy to find a person like she needs ,
‘he’s not the one’ she says whenever she meets !
“The story starts from here when they first met,
Deep conversation b/w them is not yet !”

P.S:- Don’t Judge !
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