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March 24, 2020

Dear friends – by That Girl


So, how’s your quarantine going? Feeling bored? I am damn sure you’re. Even I am too. Sitting at home daily in a corner. Bored from everything – Netflix, Prime, Movies, Songs. Remember our previous two years of college? I would say more than two years. 

Perhaps you may also be having this thought in your mind that why is this all happening at our time? I am not sure about this. But, I have this thought. 

You meet people in life basically for two reasons – either you change their life by being an inspiration to them or they change your life by being a lesson. When you form a friendship with someone, it is always two-way road. Both of you learn something from each other . 

I have learned a lot from you. Each one of you. I automatically get back to the time when the whole 2 years is spent with you all. How? I don’t know. We fought a lot, we got separated, we enjoyed together, we bunked the classes, we laughed a lot. But at the end, I MISS YOU. In-fact, I already am. This is not what I expected our 3rd year would be like. 


We have named several relationships which don’t even exist. We made poems on each other. We made fun of each other. That two-days trip to Jaipur. I am blessed that I got you. The best i would say. I Love you at the end. Amazing and unforgettable trip it was.  The “Manali Trip”. I agree we got through many situation there. But This is what I got – “All of you.”

Whenever I remember you always, I have come across all the memories and the precious moments that I lived with you. I don’t think it does matter that how much we fight, how many times we get separated , how many times we try to ignore each other. The thing that matters is that these two and half years, spent with each one of you were very memorable. Any of us wouldn’t ever have thought that we’ll come to this college. We got connected through one person and then there was no end . 

Remember that time, when we all sat together and played UNO. Even though we got caught one day. Even then we didn’t stop. I am gonna miss you all. Few months are left for our college but look what happened. “Everything happens, it happens for good.” May be, this time also, something good will come to us.

So, it’s farewell time, it’s not so far. We’ll all gonna be apart in almost 2-3 months. All of us will never be together like today. We all will be busy in our lives – higher education , job, career and many other works.

To the friends who are and aren’t so close to me. Remember no matter what the situation is. I will always be there for you. You are important with or without conversations

Don’t forget me ever. Maybe you can’t because there is only one “Harley Quinn” in your group.

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