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Little things in life.

March 18, 2020
little things in life that matters !
little things


Do you smile looking back that happens to you everyday? 
It might be a small thing but it’s where the beauty lies. 
Have a look on those little moments which occur every mili-second . I have this thought everyday. 


I feel blessed about the way God created me. I feel blessed that i am girl. I feel blessed i am not like anyone else. I feel blessed….every second. 

                                                                  Do you ?

Everyday , I sit back at night and recall those little moments that made my day better . 


if you look closely , you change everyday . 

             You just need to start focusing on the small things in your life. 
            Just Imagine for a moment , everything in your life is going up to the mark !
      wouldn’t you feel overwhelmed ? literally , its all about how you perceive the things . 

    Every dress suits you.
everyday is a ‘beautiful-hair-day’  
You get compliments 
You get everything you need. 
You never have a fight with someone.
Your best friends always stand by you.
and most important thing , imagine that you’ve found your passion [ yeah , because finding one’s passion is comparatively more difficult than following one ] 
                                            ahann….went into your ‘dream-like’ state ?
                     and now imagine all the negative things that happen to you:- 
You look fat in every dress you wear.
Your hairs look messy everyday.
everything goes topsy-turvy .
you’re always indulged in fights. 
                          Seems quite uninteresting ? but surprisingly its not !
It’s the fact that every single human beings need a perfect life. and also our sub-conscious mind focuses more on the negative aspects of the things happening to us or around us .
We are human beings. Human wants are unlimited. We can never be satisfied with the quantity and quality things we have. NEVER. 
There is a need to uncover the unconscious part of our mind , so that all the ‘mind-straining’ thoughts or feelings can be expressed . it will allow us to focus more on the positive side of the things . Every situation can be dealt with intelligently . Because remember ” IT IS ALL IN THE MIND “.                  
“The little things are the most precious and obviously the best things that happen to us “
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